When Your Baby Brother is 6’2”

Imagine being 14 years old, happily settled into your role as oldest of two, only to find out your mom is pregnant!  Oh the horrors.   At fourteen one understands how pregnancy occurs, and one does not want to think of… well, you get the idea.

Becky and David - His WeddingTo say I was not excited about the new edition would be an understatement.  I was certain this bouncing bundle of joy would disrupt my fragile teenage existence, that I would be unfairly burdened with his care.  My fears were all unfounded, but have you ever tried rationalizing with a teenage girl??

In all fairness, the only disruption David’s arrival caused occurred when we moved from South Carolina to Texas.  By then he was about 15 months old, and curious strangers unknowledgeable of his parenthood just assumed I was his mother.  Interestingly enough, even into his teenage years, no one guessed I was his sister; I was always mistaken for his mother or girlfriend, two polar opposites.

Becky David Selena - GraduationThe last person to mistake me for David’s mother was his college room, almost 17 years ago.  Sadly for John who still lives near my brother, I work hard to never let him forget his faux pas.  Maybe someday I’ll forget. Nah, where’s the fun in that?

Having a brother who is a toddler makes dating entertaining.  The first time my now husband came to dinner, David removed every single toy from his toy box and piled them in James’ lap.  On the upside, he made the cutest ring bearer/flower boy in our wedding and since he was only four, he didn’t know any better.

Deann Becky DavidWhen my husband was in the Air Force and away on duty, David came to Idaho and stayed with me so I wouldn’t be lonely. Employed as the assistant director for the base youth center, we stayed busy with a plethora of exciting activities. Well, his version of the story may include his big sister dragging him all over the place, but nonetheless thinking of that summer still makes me smile.

By the time my husband separated from the military and we moved back to Texas David was entering his teenage years.  I loved being close-by, and attending his baseball games, loaning him our Expedition for prom, taking him to Six Flags, moving him into his college dorm, hanging out, and just being a part of his life.

Those later years helped forge the bond we share today.  My baby brother is no longer a baby.   At 6’2” he towers over me, which is why I find the label “baby” brother hysterical.   He is married with two boys of his own now, but he secretly still loves his big sister. He must, after all he not only welcomes me in his home, he allows me near his children!!!

Tomorrow is a very special day, his birthday!  I must admit, despite my initial contrariness, and a teenage girl should be forgiven any such behavior, I cannot imagine my life without my favorite brother!  Happy Birthday David, with love, your big sis’!


Until Next Time,

Becky J Miller
“Warrior Princess”

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