Work of Art

Hidden in the recesses of my heart
Lie intricate pieces creating a work of art
Each shape distinct, magnificently formed
Requiring Your touch to completely transform

My heart desires to know Your plan
You destined me before time began
Where shall I go? What shall I do?
Grant me strength to press on through

Unique pieces begin to unite
Shaping a creation, perfect in Your sight
Heart, eyes, hands & feet
Each designed with a purpose to meet

Heart of compassion from Father above
Eyes to see and look with love
Gentle hands to softly touch
Sturdy feet, traveling much

Sculpt me; shape me, to do Your will
Whatever your purpose, I’ll humbly fulfill
North, South, East or West
Wherever you direct, I’ll do my best

2 thoughts on “Work of Art

  1. Mary says:

    The answer to a proud mother’s prayers but…China? There’s still work to be done in this heart of mine.

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