Wretched Road

Staring down a dusty trail at unfamiliar terrain, she stoops to sit.

Alone. No map. No crowds. No travel companions.

Isolated in a forsaken place.

Circumstances dictated her path, she did not choose it.

Here lie her choices; navigate through or die denial’s death.

Blood oozes from her injured limbs, witness to her failed escape attempts.

Shoulders slumped, head hanging, wretched sobs convulse her body.

Tears mingle with her dirt stained face, rolling into oblivion.

Shuddering, she raises somber eyes towards heaven in silent plea.

Rising stiffly, she shuffles forward, deeper into the thicket.

Darkness falls.

Fear begins it’s pursuit. Twisted images assault her delicate soul.

Running. Running. Faster. Faster. Her shrieks piercing the night.

Father! Father? Father! Thump! She stumbles.

Strong arms grasp her. Safety.

Releasing ragged breath, she dissolves into His embrace.

All is well. Father knows the way. She has only to follow.



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