Brittany 11

Little Miss Sassy Britches

Brittany Rebecca or Bree for short, arrived with a vengeance on July 24, 1994.  So anxious was she to make her appearance that she arrived faster than the doctors expected, giving everyone a scare.  She recovered from her traumatic birth quite quickly and has kept us on our toes every day since. To say that Read More

Chris SMHS Grad 2014

Hat Trick: Honoring God’s Miracle – Chris’ 20th

Not only are milestones important reminders of our past, but they also pave the way to our future.  Some milestones are painful to recall, but others are joyous occasions worth not only revisiting, but also sharing.  On May 2 as we celebrate his 20th birthday, our youngest son, Christopher, leaves his teenage years behind.  What Read More


Empty Arms: “A Mother’s Intimate Story”

What we perceive is not always reality.  For example, spying a family happily playing in the park, one might automatically conclude that the creation of that family was a simple and natural thing.  However, their truth might present a rather different narrative. Married at 18, and still somewhat a child myself, having a family was Read More


Chosen: The Gift of Adoption

Adoption is a concept we understand. Some of us may know a person who was adopted, but unless you are adopted, have personally adopted a child, or experienced the process via close friends or family though, you may not comprehend the real beauty of adoption. Only in the last few years have I come to Read More


Empty Nest

Where laughter once sounded silence now lingers Where smiles brightened the day, bare walls remain Where slamming doors once rang their greeting, door knobs languish untouched Where warm hugs once brought comfort, loneliness isolates Where a Mother’s hand once labored, no child remains Where contentment once lived, uncertainty now visits Where purpose once breathed, questions prevail Read More