Recuperation’s Snare

Harshly awakened by agony’s barbed stab She searches for acquittal Inaudible sobs convulse her reconstructed frame A voiceless witness to jagged pain Her anguish cloaked in darkness Obscurely illuminated by moon’s soft ray Terrorizing thoughts freely roam Moist droplets soak colored cloth Writhing. Squirming. Entangled. Captive. Turmoil her nightly companion Serenity, Serenity enters the room Read More

Wretched Road

Staring down a dusty trail at unfamiliar terrain, she stoops to sit. Alone. No map. No crowds. No travel companions. Isolated in a forsaken place. Circumstances dictated her path, she did not choose it. Here lie her choices; navigate through or die denial’s death. Blood oozes from her injured limbs, witness to her failed escape Read More

Broken Heart

Tick, tick, tick, each second passes with thunderous roar Luminous rays splash across threshold’s frame Trepidation builds, waiting for shadows to bend Swinging doors open, silhouettes dance, indistinguishable forms enter Eyes dart about searching, searching, searching Celebratory music swirls, poignant tears spill, witness to circumstantial pain Glaring emptiness stares, leaving it’s brand on aching heart Read More


Shattered dreams lie discarded, littering the mind Piercing slivers of glass prod the psyche Mortal wounds penetrate delicate core What was, can be no more Reality transcends belief Navigational indicators cease to blink Inky darkness paralyzes, fear menacingly taunts Rescuer appears, eyes of radiant love Thwarting fear, dispelling gloom Soothing words a balmy caress Though Read More

Sorrow Unfolds

She lies alone in darkened room, desperately clutching tattered bear Tears saturate cold pillow, while grief her sole companion Weariness grips her soul, sadness chokes her heart, wretched sobs bruise the silence Anguish erupts violently, shattering precarious facade distorted features reflect another’s disdain Thrashing restlessly, yearning for comprehension she finds only empty, painful ache Betrayal Read More