First…He Belonged to Christ

After the accident at UMC Brackenridge

Tuesday, December 20, my baby boy, Chris, is scheduled for surgery.  He suffered a torn meniscus, resulting from the car accident we were in last month.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little anxious.  He may be 15, but he is my baby and I am not thrilled about him going under general anesthesia.  The surgeon has only blocked off an hour, so I guess the procedure is relatively simple.  At one point the surgeon said the meniscus was trashed and that if he can’t repair it he’ll remove it.  Mama doesn’t like the sound of that and so I’ve been praying for repair versus removal.

There is something else. . . Chris is a gifted athlete with a special call on his life (read Special Delivery).  This accident is not satan’s first attempt to destroy that gift (read Hat Trick).  The mother in me worries how all these injuries; broken pelvis, broken collar bone, broken ribs, torn meniscus will affect his ability to perform as an athlete.  The Warrior Princess, strong faith side of me, is sure God would not save Chris during the accident only to allow satan to destroy that gift.

#35 running back a blocked PAT

As I was praying this evening, the Lord reminded me that Chris belongs to Him.  Chris was God’s before he was mine.  I cannot possibly love or care for him more than his Creator.  I felt strongly that I should publish this short post so that we as a body can yolk together in prayer for Chris’ surgery, recovery and subsequent return to sports.  We know that he will miss baseball season, the surgery takes four weeks to recover from and that’s okay.  We want him fully recovered and ready for Spring football, therein lies his passion.

Praying, trusting, waiting.

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