Silence permeates the darkness as the lone figure navigates a solitary trail. Raindrops merge with the salty wetness streaming from her soulful eyes. Piercing sobs escape her parted lips, echoing through the sodden trees. Breaths come in ragged gasps as paralyzing pain threatens to overtake her. Clumsy hands grasp at her chest, futilely attempting to hold together the pieces of her broken heart. Though shattered, the organ remains viable. Taunting voices resonate through her perplexed mind; voices strangely familiar, voices once gracious now vile and contemptible. Obscurity envelopes her, greedily digging vicious nails into her tender flesh. Struggling against the unwelcome encroachment, she yearns to be free. Scanning the vast emptiness she seeks Truth. Deceptive lies challenge her. She craves peace, tranquility but such intangibles elude her. Anguish arises at comparisons among others of her kind. The same, yet fundamentally different, the recipe for her life includes no comparable ingredients. Individuality brings her indescribable pain, pain often inflicted by friendly fire. Her purpose remains unclear, her mission unknown. She stumbles gracelessly as gentle hands cushion her fall; broken, bleeding, yet never alone. She gazes at Him, questions in her eyes. Answers are not forthcoming but He offers strength that she may resume her race. Rising to her feet she determines to regain her pace. Though the trail is marred and the runner bruised she fixes her eyes on the horizon and continues forward.

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