I Did It!

Recovering to Run I referenced the New Year’s Day Double that I had registered In for pre-accident, to run with my sister and niece.  True to my word, on January 1, 2012, just six weeks into my recovery,  I completed my first post-accident race.  Yes, I had to walk rather than run, but broken neck/halo or not, I was determined that nothing was going to stop me.

Arriving at the venue, I was a little nervous, you don’t see many folks in a halo participating in road races.   I wondered how people might react.  There was one rude comment about me being in someone’s way, but overwhelmingly people were very supportive.  One runner told me I was an inspiration, another attributed my toughness to being an Aggie (I was wearing an Aggie jacket).  I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire course.  After the race my hip flexors were sore and my shoulders tense, but what matters is, I DID IT!!!  I completed a 5K race, in a halo, in 49 minutes, not too shabby.  And, I wasn’t last!

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