Jason & Holly

Two become one so the journey begins
Hand in hand, their love knows no end
Beautifully created for each to behold
Treasured, adored, more priceless than gold

Father’s will their sole desire
Hearts responding to a Higher Power
Wherever He leads, gladly they’ll go
His footsteps to follow & selfishness forgo

Child arrives, an answer to prayer
Joy unmeasured, beyond compare
He plus She now equal three
Any greater love, could there be?

Touching lives, doing His will
Working hard, the Gospel to fulfill
Loving unconditionally, judgment not cast
Arms of compassion embrace those wounded by the past

Hearts grow heavy burdened with care
Cries of an orphan echo through the air
Abandoned, forsaken, cloaked in despair
“Who will rescue me from this hopeless snare?”

With ‘More Love to Give’ three become four
His grace is sufficient to open all doors
What is impossible to those who believe?
Nothing, My Child, if you’ll only trust Me!

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